A positional scaphocephaly is a cranial deformity consisting of a narrow and high head by transverse flattening and anteroposterior elongation. It’s more frequent in prematures and ex-preterm infants.

The cranial index is usually below 70 and, in severe cases, below 60. They usually have the same evolutionary neurological problem than prematures.


DOC Band® is an orthopedic dynamic band which was released internationally in 1986 and has treated over 100.000 cases of scaphocephaly and other deformities.


More likely scaphocephaly in premature babies

Scaphocephaly cases and results with DOC Band® treatment


We explain the main causes caused by scaphocephaly

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An expert or parents can make the diagnosis. We explain how

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How to put the baby to sleep so he doesn't have scaphocephaly?

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