Treatment of cranial deformities in babies

We are specialists with more than 35 years of experience in
Diagnosis and treatment of major deformities
and cranial malformations of babies up to 2 years old.

  • Plagiocephaly , the most common deformity, characterized
    by flattening usually on the right or left side of
    the back of the skull.
  • Brachycephaly , this deformity usually flattens the entire rear
    of the skull.
  • Scaphocephaly , a fairly common deformity in premature babies that results in a tall, narrow skull
  • Craniosynostosis , cranial deformities due to poor closure of a cranial suture
  • Other cranial deformities caused by diseases, tumors or traumas.
  • Complex deformities , in which several simple deformities are added: brachiocephaly + scalocephaly, … obstetric deformities and
    other variants.

We have medical centers in Spain, Portugal and France with the best specialists in diagnosis, surgical treatment and through the DOC BANDorthopedic helmet for childhood cranial deformities.

Discover the results (before and after) the DOC Band® treatment

If you want to know more about how to identify if your baby has brachycephaly, plagiocephaly or scaphocephaly , this guide will help you distinguish the main distinguishing features of these cranial deformities.

Treatment of cranial deformities with orthopedic elastic band
linear, DOC BAND started in the United States started in 1976 and since
then more than 300,000 cases of babies have been successfully treated with
plagiocephaly and other cranial deformities throughout the world.
Our team has been part of Cranial Technologies Inc. since 1988 when
we opened 2 centers in Spain to solve deformities
and cranial malformations of babies in our country.

Our team offers you the experience and knowledge to carry out the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment for the degree of deformation or malformation of your child.

Since 1974 we have successfully treated hundreds of cases of plagiocephaly , brachycephaly , scaphocephaly and other deformities .

Experts in cranial deformities

Dr. Joan Pinyot, pediatric surgeon and orthopedic technician, and his medical team are trained at the Cranial Technologies Inc., USA center.

Plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly, craniosynostosis

There are different types of craniofacial deformities that can affect the newborn and the infant of a few months

Treatment with DOC Band®

First dynamic cranial orthopedic band worldwide. Treated more than 300,000 cases of plagiocephaly and other deformities and more than 600 post-surgical cases

The average duration of a treatment with DOC BAND is 4 months

Before and after 4 months of treatment
DOC Band®
Before and after treatment with
DOC Band®
Mix of plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and scaphocephaly

Medical problems derived from the non-treatment of cranial deformities

It's not just about rounding your head

We treat cranial deformities in babies up to 2 years old