How should a newborn baby sleep in the crib?

newborn baby sleep

How a newborn baby should sleep is a question that we have all asked ourselves at some point. Until relatively recently it was thought that the ideal position on which a baby should rest was by placing it face down. However, later it was found that the number of newborns due to sudden death increased due to the position in which they slept. Since then, experts recommend that the baby sleep on his back and with his head to one side.

Even so, another inconvenience arises and that is that this position is affecting the shape of the children’s heads. This problem is known as flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly .

Although it may be a concern for parents, the truth is that it does not represent any threat to the baby’s brain development. Nor should it be an aesthetic problem since today it is possible to correct a baby’s flat head.

How can a baby’s flat head be prevented?

To prevent the flat part of his head from being pressed, it is advisable to change the position of the baby given a certain time . It is also important to get the baby used to resting on the mother’s belly . This will also help strengthen your neck muscles, which will help you move your head more easily to change positions while you sleep. Skull deformities like plagiocephaly are quite common, up to 46% of newborn are likely to suffer of plagiocephaly, according Aliyah Mawji, RN, of the Canadian Pediatric Society, in her article “The incidence of positional plagiocephaly: a cohort study” published in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“The incidence of plagiocephaly in infants aged 7 to 12 weeks .
has been estimated at 46. 6%. Of the total number of infants with plagiocephaly, 63.2 % were affected on the right side and 78.3 % had a mild form. “

To correct the baby’s flat head, it is advisable to alternate the position in which it is usually held , as well as at the time of feeding. Read more about skull deformities prevention

In the case of severe flat head syndrome, these recommendations must be followed and complemented with the use of helmets or orthopedic cranial bands . The little one should use them as long as possible throughout the day, in a period of 2 to 6 months depending on the degree of malformation suffered. Although correcting a baby’s flat head is possible, it is important observe its development and the positions it adopts to prevent plagiocephaly.

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The following page can guide you to find out if your baby suffers from plagiocephaly , or some other cranial malformation. 

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