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As on other occasions, we have talked about cranial deformities or Plagiocephaly , the asymmetric malformation of the baby’s head is known for different reasons.

It can be caused by external pressure on the head depending on the position that the baby adopts when sleeping or lying down, which leads to the problem, although one of the frequent causes is torticollis , caused by the reduced space of the baby in the uterus. .

To prevent it, it is necessary to reposition the baby, although there are other very beneficial alternatives for the baby, such as massages. In today’s post we will talk about the many benefits that these bring to the baby.

baby massage techniques

baby massages

Massages help create a bond between the parents and the baby while helping to relax the muscles and, more importantly, the correct development of growth .

They are another way to communicate with a baby and find out what he likes and what he doesn’t. For example, some babies don’t like being tickled or it doesn’t affect them, but others love it.

improves joints

Massaging babies also helps strengthen their joints, ligaments, and muscles . This is an important point, as it combats common ailments that appear in the first years of a baby’s life.

If for some reason our baby stays too long in one position while resting, it may be due to some ailment or discomfort, with a massage, we can easily relieve it.

Massage can also help improve your nervous and immune systems so you can fight off illness and disease.

Massaging babies also helps with any digestive issues and provides relief from colic.

Also, if your baby is teething, or any other painful growth process, massaging your baby can help you forget about your pain.

Baby massage has become established in many special care nurseries due to the benefits it brings.

For more information on therapies for treatment , the extensive professional experience of our team (more than 35 years), or any information about cranial malformations , do not hesitate to contact our centers .

The following page can guide you to find out if your baby suffers from plagiocephaly , or some other cranial malformation.

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