How is the DOC Band different from other orthopedic helmets?

1. Short and effective treatment. 4 months average duration, only 12.5 cases require a second band (passive bands use double or triple bands for similar cases)

2. The only device with clinical studies that demonstrate its safety and efficacy.

3. The only proven device that corrects the alignment of the cranial vault (top of the head) and the base of the skull (ear and face).

4. Visible improvement in the first 2 weeks. Unlike passive therapy devices, the DOC Band® headgear applies active corrective pressure to redirect growth and reshape the baby’s head.

5. First FDA-approved cranial orthosis for the treatment of plagiocephaly.

6. Calculates the correct corrective forces and optimal growth for your baby’s bracelet with our exclusive computer program.

7. Light orthosis that respects the development of the child .

8. 3D images. 3D photos will be taken at the start of treatment, during treatment, and at the end of treatment.

9. More than 35 years of experience. Meet our team.

Learn about the results of treatment with the DOC Band® orthopedic helmet for plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scapocephaly and other cranial deformities.

How does the DOC Band® orthopedic band work?

The DOC Band applies customized corrective pressure to redirect your baby’s natural head growth to a normal head shape.

The band is worn 23 hours a day, every day, and can achieve visible improvement in as little as two weeks . Our team will make regular adjustments to the band to direct head growth and keep your baby on track for optimal results.

How will my baby adjust?

The DOC Band is lightweight and snug fitting , resulting in little to no adjustment period for most babies.

Every baby is different and it is important for parents to allow their child to get used to the band, even if he is fussy at first.

How long will my baby have to wear the helmet?

The length of treatment will depend on your baby’s age and the severity of the condition.

Initiating treatment between 4 and 6 months of age (a period of rapid head growth) has been shown to reduce total treatment time, although marked improvement can be achieved by using the band up to 18 months of age. . Most treatments last between 6 and 16 weeks .

DOC Band® is used to treat the following cranial deformities :

Treatment of deformities with orthopedic band DOC BRAND

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Advantages of the DOC Band® orthopedic helmet

The main advantages of treating plagiocephaly and other cranial deformities in babies with DOC Band® compared to passive bands are:

The DOC Band® orthopedic band is made of a plastic material, is light, does not cause allergies and is very well tolerated by pediatric patients.

From 6 months of age, if the deformity has not been corrected with postural treatments, the only solution may be the cranial orthopedic band , orthopedic helmet or cranial orthosis.

Before 12 months is when the best results are obtained with the use of the DOC BAND corrective helmet.

In any case, if you observe any type of deformity in your baby’s head, go to your pediatrician or a specialist in the treatment of cranial deformities for a correct diagnosis and corrective treatment.

Its use must be daily and constant. It is only removed for bathing, grooming, neck exercises, and dressing.

It has 86 centers spread across America and Europe.

cases of plagiocephaly and other deformities

Design and manufacture with cutting-edge technology

The DOC Band is custom made by our team of highly skilled individuals with both technical (engineering, computer design, machining) and artisan (sculpture, blacksmithing, fine arts) backgrounds.

During the manufacturing process, no fewer than nine team members will be directly involved in the creation of your baby band. Unlike other brace companies, our manufacturing facility is dedicated to producing a single product: the DOC Band .

Our Research and Development team continuously refines it. Our entire process is governed by an FDA-compliant quality system: Our advanced Digital Surface Imaging® system captures highly accurate 3D images that are used to create a precisely fitting custom band.

Our Sentient3D® software application was developed based on tens of thousands of plagiocephaly cases. The app calculates the proper corrective forces and unique product design each baby requires for optimal results.

Every DOC Band undergoes a rigorous 28-point quality inspection before leaving our manufacturing facility.

Our view on other treatments for babies:

In the United States and also in Europe, discussions about the use of active bands or passive bands are frequent in parent forums, about which ones are more useful and more appropriate for the treatment of small patients.

The concept of active (or dynamic) band is well defined in the scientific articles published by Cranial Technologies Inc. (see Inicio, 1994 and 1998) and it is simply to act on some key points of the deformed skull applying the mechanics of three-dimensional correction of translation and remodeling of the bones of the base and the cranial vault based on an anatomical model that is as natural and normal as possible possible.

The passive bands criterion is based on relying on the passive growth of the skull, leaving free spaces that act as a discharge splint.

There is no account of results in the treatment of cranial deformities in babies with passive or local bands.

Basically, the only articles published in international scientific journals on the results of orthopedic treatments for plagiocephaly correspond to prospective studies carried out with the active dynamic band DOC Band®.

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