Other cranial deformations

Within the basic patterns of cranial deformities (Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly and Scaphocephaly) there are an almost infinite number of variations of differing degree. Obviously, the simplest deformities respond better to orthopedic treatment than the more complex.

Complex positional deformities

Due to the sum of two simple basic deformities. For deflection in different planes (axial, sagital and coronal). Due to deformities accompanying craniosynostosis.

Obstetric deformities and other variants

Misshapen heads at birth normally sort themselves out by the time the baby is a few weeks old. If the deformity persists for longer, we should consider other causes.

Deformities due to illness, tumors or trauma

Iatrogens deformities


We explain the main causes that cause deformities

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An expert or parents can make the diagnosis. We explain how

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How to put the baby to sleep so that he has no head deformities?

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