DOC Band® treatment

DOC Band® is the firts active orthopedic cranial band available world-wide (1986). The dynamic head band concept is based upon the application of pressure in the relevant places. The DOC Band® was the first to receive approval by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cranial orthoses in 1998. In 2005 the FDA first approved the use of DOC Band® for post-surgical cases (craniostenosis).

The DOC Band® is formed from a lightweight anti-allegic plastic material perfectly tolerated by infants. To be used continuously and only removed at bathtime and for neck exercises.

Orthopedic treatment with DOC Band® is applicable in the following conditions:

22 medical centres all over Europe and the United States.

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Advantages of orthopedic helmet DOC Band®

The main advantages of the DOC Band® treatment of plagiocephaly with respect to passive bands are:

Discussions and publications on treatment with passive bands

In the United States as well as in Europe there have been forum discussions as to the effectiveness of active and passive bands. The active (or dynamic) band concept is well-defined in the articles published by Cranial Technologies Inc. (see Home, click on 1994 and 1998) and can be simply considered a localised action on the deformed part of the head, resulting in a natural remoulding.


Practically the only articles published in international scientific reviews on the results of orthopedic treatment of plagiocephaly correpond to prospective studies carried out with DOC Band®. There are no results for other band types and even less so for passive or local band types.

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Before deciding how to treat your child, know well the benefits of each of the options that are offered. Ask for references. Ask for results book. Ask for official approval, see PTAs children suffering from plagiocephaly. The health of our babies must be skilled and qualified hands.